ClassicConta 6

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Professional accounting, available to all

ClassicConta 6 is the new professional accounting program, a result of an effective combination of innovative tools and a system with a trajectory of more than 20 years in the management software market.

New features such as Global Finder and Automatic Scanned Document Accounting are born in response to the real needs of a dynamic job and a user who has less and less time.

ClassicConta 6 includes all the operations for a professional work with a powerful and intuitive system, which will allow you to effectively carry out the accounting of your company, even with little previous knowledge.

It includes a package of predefined models that allows you to post documents without knowing accounting.

It works in Local Network and without limit of positions by the same price.

Now available for only € 79.90. With definitive license.

Global search engine

A new way of working.

The global search engine works with the agility of a web browser. It is located in the program interface itself and displays its results directly below the search field. Each result offers related functions that allow you to access the windows in a single click.

Key in keywords and get functions, seats, tables, extracts, etc. in record time.

Define if you want to search in a single exercise, company or plan, or at all ... and filter by type of results to perform advanced searches.

The global search engine is developed with intelligent parameters that allow to perform searches by time. Look for today's statement, last month's balance sheet, first quarter profit and loss ...

You can even locate images scanned by the words or amounts they contain, thanks to a powerful OCR data decoder linked to the search engine.

In the image, we see the search Send quarter balance last quarter and how ClassicConta 6 proposes the Send email already prepared with the Balance Sheet PDF for the last three months attached.

Automatic posting of scanned documents.

Your accounting work, more agile than ever.

Automatically translates and counts scanned document data into your ClassicConta 6 thanks to a powerful OCR processor included in the program.

Just scan multiple documents at once or drag them comfortably from a folder on your computer. The data processor will recognize the subject, references, and amounts of each document, and automatic entries will be generated using a predefined template.

Optimize the posting of your documents by creating your own predefined entries and adding keyword lists for each subaccount to aid in the recognition of amounts.

The process is 100% reliable and transparent to the user. Easily identify errors and edit them with the convenience of viewing the document image at a time.

Import your data from other applications.

Switch to ClassicConta 6 in a few clicks.

Move your data from other applications and from previous versions directly from ClassicConta 6.

Import your seats and sub-accounts in a few steps and start working from the first moment with the program.

You can also import Excel files and other formats to post your data to automatic entries with the batch posting function.

Get a higher quality program at a lower price, with little effort and keeping your company data.

If you have doubts, contact us and we will analyze your specific case.


Not knowing accounting.

ClassicConta 6 incorporates a simple and intuitive system to use so that you can carry the accounting to the day, only with basic administrative knowledge. It counts your invoices received and issued, loan concessions, payroll payments, payments and collections of boxes and banks, etc. Without knowing accounting.

The program includes a package of predefined templates that automate the posting of your documents. Just select the model you need and enter the data in the corresponding fields.

You can post multiple invoices at once with templates in different formats, speeding up the posting of documents.