Tacens Mars Gaming Speakers MS1

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The MS1 are the first loudspeakers in the Mars Gaming range designed by and for gamers. The great RMS power of 10W they offer will allow you a total immersion in the game.


  • New passive driver technology: The new MS1 speakers feature an innovative sound system with 6 drivers, 2 active and 4 passive drivers, which will turn your gaming experience into a total gaming experience thanks to the shocking bass it gets.
  • High power on compact speakers: the MS1's bright red and black design make these speakers an unmistakable choice with an elegant and aggressive image. In addition, its small size and power via USB will allow you to take them and enjoy your gaming sessions wherever you want, without losing the excitement of the game with the best sound.


  • Power RMS: 5W x2.   
  • Input voltage: DC5V-1000mA.   
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: <90dB.   
  • Frequency range: 60Hz-20kHz.  
  • Dimesions: 80x65x110mm.   
  • Weight: 490g.